Resurrection Lutheran Church of Alpena
Saved by Grace Alone
Through Faith Alone
Because of Christ Alone
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Who We Are
The following people are serving as your Organizational Team until the first congregational meeting at which time a constitution and bylaws will be adopted and members will be elected to leadership positions. Until that time, please feel free to share any input with these people:

John Diamond - Team Leader, 727-9971
Stacy Bauer, 358-0769
Linda Bjella, 356-6259
Joanne Gallagher, 657-0481
Jeff and Denise Hoeksema, 354-7509
Doug Horne, 595-3202
Jim Karsten, 354-4683
Rodney Lang, 340-0271
Augie Matuzak, 370-3314
Don and Brenda Rosenberg, 595-3030
Sandy Samp, 379-4368
Bryan and Beth Strong, 595-6412
Lisa Thayer, 356-0515
Jay and Stephanie Walterreit, 464-5566
Kim Wesaw, 884-1396

You may also send your comments or questions to

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